Playtech’s New Fraud Detection Tool

Ever since the early days of gaming, gamblers have always tried to beat the system to take away the house edge. The introduction of the Internet and associated new technologies opened the world of gambling to untold numbers of new and technologically savvy online players. In the blinking of an eye, the epicentre in the battle against frauds leapt from land-based casino to the realm of Online Casino territory.

Playtech Security

As a result, the world’s best online slots and casino games developers are now paying serious attention to introducing machine learning fraud detection tools into their systems. In light of an ever-increasing number of waves of online fraud attacks and unwanted system incursions to many companies and the alleged interference of Russian hackers in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election campaign, it’s no surprise to see that many organisations begin to invest heavily into protecting the integrity of their platforms and their customers.

Playtech announced in 2017 the intended integration of the artificial intelligence-based fraud detection software tools of its new partner, Feature space into its network wide systems. Playtech has now completed the integration of Featurespace’s machine learning fraud detection tools into its powerful Information Management System (IMS) player management platform, enabling licensees to instantly identify and reduce fraud.

As a result, Playtech’s partnership with Featurespace opens the window of possibility to much safer and more secure gaming experi­enc­es for players worldwide.

How Featurespace works

Featurespace’s business profile is that of a provider of adaptive behavioural analytics technology and services with specialities in fraud prediction and prevention, baking, finance, insurance, security and risk management, responsible gaming, lotteries, betting, bot detection, mobile and telecoms.

Featurespace’s adaptive, real-time and individual change platform (ARIC) understands each player’s individual behaviour and automatically assesses risk. By monitoring player behaviour, the ARIC platform instantly identifies new fraudulent attacks. Simultaneously, ARIC reduces the number of genuine, incorrectly sanctioned customers – significantly reducing poor player experience.

This partnership with Featurespace further underlines Playtech’s commitment to helping customers manage risk and to providing best-of-breed gaming products to its customers. The Featurespace’s machine learning ARIC platform detects fraud and risk management abnormalities in individual player behaviour and allows Playtech to detect any unusual activity in their player base network of online slots and casino games. It is enabling Playtech’s customers to now improve their risk management and further reduce fraud losses.

Once a licensee has set up Featurespace as a third-party provider, the occurrence of a set of pre-configured player events, such as deposits, withdrawals, and updates to personal information, starts to trigger alerts for the IMS to send information to the ARIC platform. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the ARIC evaluation, licensees are required to send historical data to Featurespace prior to its real-time investigations and to ensure system accuracy.

Playtech Company Profile & Opinion

It is not a new development for Playtech to seek strategic partnerships or memoranda of understandings with third party software development companies. Playtech has also recently announced an agreement to integrate Captain Up’s gaming engine in addition to acquiring BetBuddy, a leading analytics company concerned with responsible gambling.

The consolidation and expansion of Playtech’s current information management systems exemplifies the company’s ambitions to remain installed as one the biggest companies in the iGaming software sphere and associated online casino industry, as well as its commitment to furnishing the highest quality customer service possible.

Speaking at the press conference announcement of the Playtech – Featurespace partnership, Playtech Chief Operating Officer Shimon Akad, spoke excitedly of the collaboration between the two technology giants;

“Playtech is committed to promoting safe play and empowering licensees and players with advanced customer engagement and protection.

We are developing industry-leading risk management technology and processes and Playtech’s IMS player management platform provides our licensees with the latest player protection protocols. I’m therefore delighted that our partnership and integration with Featurespace technology will enable us to further increase the quality and effectiveness of our offering.”

Featurespace Company Profile & Opinion

Featurespace is seen to be a pioneer in adaptive behavioural analytics and it has been refined at the prestigious University of Cambridge.

Featurespace has its global headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and North American headquarters in Atlanta, United States with additional offices in London and New York.

Featurespace has deployed ARIC to organisations that have services or products deployed in more than180 countries. Customers include Playtech, Openbet, William Hill, ComeOn, TSYS, Ally Bank, Vocalink Zapp and Worldpay.

Martina King, CEO, Featurespace, said of the collaboration with Playtech: “Our strategic partnership with Playtech enables us to deliver enhanced protection to their customers through our real-time, machine learning technology and will allow Playtech’s licensees to better manage risk.

“We are proud to be working together to provide our machine learning ARIC platform to protect and serve Playtech’s customers.”

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