The Greatest Ever Sports Betting Wins

When Champion Northern Irish Golfer and former World Number One Rory McIlroy won the British Open Championship at the age of 25 in 2014, he was not the only one celebrating the big win. His father, Gerry, placed a CAD $350 bet on his son to win the Claret Jug when the budding boy golfer was only 15. With Rory’s win, Gerry collected his winnings which amounted to CAD $174 000. Two of his friends made similar bets, which will cost a leading sportsbook another CAD $140 000.

Leicester City FC

Have you ever placed a big or unusual bet? Do you have a longstanding wager that you’re waiting to hit gold on? Do your family have any bets on you that they’re confident will pay up? In this article, we’re going to look at some of the Greatest Ever Sports Betting Wins. Let’s begin with a recent fairytale win that cost sportsbooks around the world millions.

Leicester City’s Fairytale March to the EPL Title

In an era when football fans accept that only the richest clubs stand any chance of success, unfashionable Leicester City’s achievement in winning the 2015-2016 EPL title will go down as one of the greatest in any sport, ever, anywhere.

Elvis did not turn up, nor did extra-terrestrials arrive at the teams’ home ground. Leicester City, who re-defined the term “rank outsider”, started the 2015-2016 season as 5000 to 1 underdogs to win the title. Their title win was to cost British Sportsbooks more than CAD $40 million and worldwide has been estimated to have cost sportsbooks at least CAD $130 million in payouts to online players.

Mali’s Remarkable Comeback

On January 10, 2010, Mali was losing badly 4-0 to Angola in the opening match of the Football’s Arica Cup of Nations.

With only 16 minutes remaining in the game, an audacious Englishman (name unknown) place a CAD$ 8.68 bet on Mali to draw level by fulltime.

By the last minute, the score was unchanged and the Angolan fans were wildly celebrating victory in the wild ways that only African footballing fans can.

Then the remarkable happened. Mali scored in injury time and kept scoring and scoring in injury time. How many? Four to be exact and pulled off one of the most stunning comebacks in football history. No one was celebrating more than the unknown gambler. Payout for the audacious punter? CAD $9000.

The St Louis Cardinals Fan Who Never Gave Up

Sometimes, sports odds are sometimes skewed wildly by passionate fans who will support their favourite teams no matter what, no matter how high are obstacles stacked up in front of them.

In 2011, a mad keen St Louis Cardinals fan bet CAD $250 that his beloved Cards would make it to baseball’s World Series at prohibitive 500-1 odds. He then placed another CAD $125 that they would win the World Series at 1000-1.

At the time, the Cards were 6 games back of making it to a wildcard playoff place. However, you guessed it. They starting winning consistently. The Cardinals ended the year as perhaps the most unlikely World Series champions in history and the loyal fan picked up CAD $375000 in return for the unquestioning love for his team.

The ‘Roger Federer’ Bet

When tennis all-time great Roger Federer won his first Wimbledon title in 2003, Nick Newlife, a resident of Oxfordshire, United Kingdom was certain that Federer had the grass court game to pull off many more tournament victories at the All England Club.

Newlife placed a CAD $2630 bet at 66-1 that Federer would win seven more Wimbledon titles by the year 2019 and thereby break Pete Sampras’ record number of titles at the grass court grand slam event.

When Newlife died in 2009, Federer already had 6 Wimbledon titles to his name. At the time of his death, Newlife’s betting ticket was handed to charity organisation, Oxfam.

In July this year, 14 years after his first, Roger Federer finally won his eighth Wimbledon title, much to the joy of the Oxfam fundraising committee. The payout? CAD $177 000.

Thousand Dollar Wager on Safety as First Scorer in Super Bowl XLVI

Consider this, before reading this entry to our list of Greatest Ever Sportsbetting Wins;

By 2012, the year of Super Bowl XLVI;

    • There had been a total of only 7 safeties scored in Super Bowl history.
    • New England Patriots’ legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s intentional grounding safety was only the second Super Bowl safety to mark the first points up on the board.

However, one lucky punter is reported to have made the bet.

      • He placed CAD $1000 at 50-1
      • Payout? CAD $50 000, if you don’t mind.

Mick Gibbs’ Incredible Football Accumulator Win

On January 1 2001, Mick Gibbs was a roofer living in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. By May 24 2001, he was more CAD $1 million dollars richer. Quite the stunning return on investment for a mere 70 Canadian stake.

How did he do it you may well ask? By simply choosing 15 winners from a selection of European football matches. The odds for his 15-leg Accumulator were a freakish evil, 1,666,666 to 1.

His last Accumulator leg was on Bayern Munich to defeat Valencia in the 2001 Champions League final. Bayern eventually won the match, incredibly, 5-4 on penalties. By which time, of course, Mick must not have had any fingernails remaining to nervously chew on.

In our collection of Greatest Ever Sports Betting wins, Mick is our undisputed champion.

How to Choose your Online Sportsbook

Choosing your favourite Online Sportsbook game isn’t an easy task, but we hope our collection of Greatest Ever Sportsbetting wins have given you some inspiration to have fun with whilst making your choice.

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