How Video Poker Sharpens your Brain

Strong Brain

Organisations that oppose gambling and online casinos in particular, will often claim that gambling has no benefits. In the very recent past, Poker was often maligned as a game that was considered full of debauchery and associated with organised crime, gangsters and deceit. A generation or less ago, no-one would have dared to raise the topic ‘Poker is good for your physical and mental well-being’. However, with the birth of the internet and a seemingly infinite supply of resources on strategic thinking, attitudes begun to change rapidly.

Furthermore, with the growing popularity of Online Casinos and the advent of Video Poker, minds have been opened to the true strategic nature of Poker. What once was considered a game of luck is now widely acknowledged as a game of skill that challenges each player to bring out the best in their abilities. The shift in attitudes about Poker also reflects the positive outcomes of medical research on how Poker can be good for you.

Video Poker Enhances your Logical Thinking

Enhanced logic

Mark Twain wrote and spoke eloquently about poker and it’s been played regularly in the Oval Office regularly by many presidents. Why? Simply put, Poker and Video Poker in particular, is like weightlifting for the brain.

Much of Video Poker’s appeal is due to the fact that, unlike many other forms of online gaming, the scope to influence the outcome is vast. Therefore, academics studying Poker have consistently found that poker is a game that requires extreme and significant skill, unlike the pure chance of Roulette for example. That Poker is a game that rewards skill isn’t questioned any longer among serious scholars. To win at Video Poker you need to think more rationally, react faster and be more adroit than your virtual opponents. It is not surprising to discover in research that good Video Poker players are quite literally rewiring their brains and reversing the ageing process.

Video Poker Builds Stronger Neural Pathways in your Brain

Stronger Neural PathwaysWhat is physically and chemically happening to your brain when you play Video Poker online and your reactions begin to become ingrained and you literally learn to become a better player? Are you getting smarter? Is your brain chemistry being permanently altered?

According to renown physician and researcher, Doctor Stephen Simpson (who works with many professional poker players), playing poker can help to rewire your brain. “When we perform any activity consistently, new neural pathways are created. The nerve fibres are surrounded by a myelin sheath. This protects and nourishes the nerve cell. The more often impulses are transmitted through this network, the thicker the myelin sheath becomes. This is called myelination.”

He adds; “Brain cells have the ability to transform from performing one function to another. Extra brain cells are recruited to these pathways from other functional areas. The brain is not fixed from birth. It can change dependent on our knowledge and understanding of information and experiences.”

What does all this mean for the Video Poker player? Long story short, Video Poker helps build and strengthen the pathways by which you learn, become smarter and react quicker and better over time.

It is world-leading physicist Stephen Hawking who once famously said; “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Video Poker Teaches Patience and Self-Control

A good Video Poker player knows what increases his or her chances of winning in the long term is not being hasty. The general rule of thumb for players is to avoid becoming emotionally involved in the game. It is essential to realise that with time, the luck factor starts to fade and skill takes over and not to reacting too quickly or emotionally in the moment is crucial to success.

Successful Video Poker players don’t yield to temptation or attempt to chase their losses in the convenient 24-hour nature of an Online Casino. The successful player starts looking at everything objectively, rather than with prejudice or superstitions or external influences. That’s a nice trait to develop and carry into today’s society where it might be argued, irrational decisions are becoming more prevalent.

Video Poker Will Help you Develop a Long-Term Life Plan

Video Poker will assist you to start analysing every decision you make as to how it affects your life on a long-term basis. Impulsive and rash decisions should become less. When you make a potentially bad life decision, you will clearly know the risks involved before you make it. Lying to yourself should reduce significantly and you’ll be more brutally honest with yourself on a regular basis.

Video Poker Helps Focus on the Things that you can Control

In Video Poker you certainly cannot control the cards you’re dealt and the runout of the cards. All you can do is control how you react to the different outcomes that can occur during a game. However, you can control your emotions and the moves that you make. Applying this philosophy to real life, with the lessons you’ve learnt in Video Poker you should be able think positively and creatively about how you react sometimes when people treat you poorly or when life throws you a series of curve balls. All you can really do is play the cards life deals you, focus on the decisions you make personally and be happy with that.

Two Final Take-Away thoughts on what Poker can do for Anyone

Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates’ roommate at Harvard, has mentioned previously that Microsoft’s business plan was “basically an extension of the all-night poker games Bill and I used to play back at Harvard”. Gates’ poker winnings at Harvard are said to have paid for a significant amount of Microsoft’s start-up costs. Finally, Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee relied on his poker-based strategies to very nearly defeat a Union Army that enjoyed massive superior troop numbers and weapon strength.

Are you the next Bill Gates or Robert E. Lee?