Video Slots Casino Buys AMANET

Video Slots Casino Acquires AMANET Software

Video Slots Casino
The long spoken about deal between Video Slots Casino and AMANET Software has finally moved a step closer. Last week Video Slots Casino announced the have acquired AMANET. They will begin integrating a number of online based slots games within their Video Slots Casino brand immediately.

This has been seen by many industry professionals as a smart move by Video Slots Casino. This move will allow them to add to their selection of games. Many of the offline games from AMANET will now be available to be played online for the first time. There are bound to be untapped potential when it comes to new players that are looking to play some of their favorite games from their favorite land based casino.

It is this kind of forward thinking that has set Video Slots Casino apart from their competitors over the years. and will surely hold them in good standing with the online casino customers that frequent these platforms.

Added benefits of this decision include the fact that many of the games that have been rewritten in HTML 5, which negates the requirement for a player to have to install a third party application such as Flash, or a plugin like Java. It adds further compatibility to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and allows for greater market penetration, as the better the compatibility across devices and operating systems, the better the user uptake will be.

The acquisition also bolsters the argument that the bigger companies are looking for more innovative and revolutionary ways to attract both new and returning players, and with the combined knowledge and experience of these two gambling system stalwarts, we can see great things happening in this space.

Added to the technical collaboration of this agreement sees a joining of two well established and solid online providers. The choice for AMANET was a simple one, physical casinos are experiencing a slump at present, as players no longer have to leave the comfort of their own homes to be able to join in on all the adrenaline pumping entertainment that is offered at a physical casino location. It therefore made sense for them to merge with a bigger company that is operating in different territories to their own. This diversification is what will help to push past any stagnation that they have been experiencing in the physical space.

There are many other factors to consider, such as additional development costs that are going to be accrued through the reworking, and in some cases, the rewriting of the applications completely. This does not seem to be a concern to either party though, as the agreement has started to bear fruit already. This can be seen in the company’s promotional material on their website, encouraging players to duke it out and try to chase down glory as the two previously separate software houses go head to head and vie for the overall top spot, to see which game happened to be the most popular of the lot.

Added into all of this is the affiliates programs that run between both companies, and the integration of them both as well as the conversion of the other is another great method of keeping pre-existing customers loyal, by making sure that they stay eligible to receive great rewards and bonuses just by remaining members. All that remains to be seen is how the players will react to such developments in the upcoming months, and the hope is that by merging two fantastic casino providers into one single entity, that they would have found the superior experience that they require.